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Sayeda Misa Sourour is an Egyptian carny from the Jersey Shore. They will either swindle you or give you the shirt off their back. As a Muslim born on Christmas, she decided to take up woodworking to compete with Jesus.

Sourour starts off every morning with the same "50s Jukebox Favorites" cassette tape playing in the bathroom, Turkish coffee that boils over, no matter how hard they try, protein of sorts and copious amounts of supplements. LSD flashbacks happen on the daily as she's jointing and planing wood.

 Sourour has lived a thousand lives as an ex-painter, puppeteer, slideshow wannabe, day-tripper, hooper, contortionist, post chef, baker, student, teacher, student, farmer, runaway, hippie (sadly), thru-hiker, disabled, dishwasher, delivery boy, nanny, addict, pizza maker, asthmatic chain smoker, failed barista, not-very-good musician, 2010 blogger, sober, hungry, loner, rebel, cowboy, false butcher, gluten-free cheater, clown, angle finder, and toaster wrangler.

While on hiatus from touring with the band Phish and the Dead, they developed an interdisciplinary sculptural art practice at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

Walkin' My Dog, 35mmPerformance (2023)

Photo Credits: Abby Palen


Solo Exhibitions

05/2024           Al-Atlal الأطلالComfort Station , Chicago, IL 


Group Exhibitions


12/2023           Meter Room, Chicago, IL

07/2023           Anysquared: Home Not Home, Agitator Artist Collective, Chicago, IL

04/2023          ARTBASH, SAIC, Chicago, IL 

03/2023          Voices Embodied: Uplifted, Design Museum of Chicago, Chicago, IL

01/2019           Eye Catching, Inspire Art Gallery & Studio, Dunellen, NJ

10/2018           Dark Arts, Above Art Studios, New Brunswick, NJ 

09/2018          Present Yourself, Alfa Art Gallery, New Brunswick, NJ    

06/2018          Art All Night, Trenton, NJ



04/2024            WAVEFORMS, Sound Performance, Asian Improv Arts Midwest, Chicago, IL

04/2024            knock, and the doors of perception shall opened unto you, Slash Slash Sense, Museum of Surgical Science, Chicago, IL

02/2024            Rabbit Foot Puppetry: Tunnel of infatuation, Ring of Fire, Performance, Agitator Artist Collective, Chicago, IL

01/2024            Untitled: Palestine, Chicago Puppet Fest: Nasty, Brutish & Short, Links Hall, Chicago, IL

12/2023            Watchfly, Puppetry Performance, Ratmass, Annoyance Theatre & Bar, Chicago, IL

11/2023             Sound Performance, Nonation Lab, Chicago, IL

11/2023             Sound Performance, Slash Slash Sense, Nonation Lab, Chicago, IL

10/2023            Watchfly, Puppetry Performance, Haunting of  Avalon, In The Heart of the Beast Theater, Minneapolis, MN

09/2023           The Muffin Man, Performance, Ratmass, Annoyance Theatre & Bar, Chicago, IL

09/2023           Little Amal, Puppetry Performance, Chicago, IL

09/2023           Sixteen Candles, Performance, Nonation Lab, Chicago, IL

08/2023           The Toaster Continuum: Slash Slash Sense, Performance, Comfort Station, Chicago, IL 
07/2023           Performance, Ratmass, Annoyance Theatre & Bar, Chicago, IL
07/2023           Rabbit Foot Puppetry: The Clown Car Rolls On, Puppetry Performance, Cincinnati, OH

07/2023           Untitled: Hair, Performance, Agitator Artist Collective, Chicago, IL

06/2023           Puppetry Performance, Stop Motion Plant, Chicago, IL


Awards & Residencies 


2024                  Agitator Gallery, Artist In Residency: Rabbit Foot Puppetry, Chicago, IL

2022                  Merit based Scholarship, School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, IL


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